Workshops & Seminars

The Paideia Group offers workshop and seminars that are catered to your specific industry and organizational need.

Executive Leadership Team Alignment: We work with leadership teams to identify barriers to effective team work and to create a process for strengthening the behaviors that lead to team success. Through this process the team identifies 3 - 4 mission critical goals they will achieve together.

Insights and Inroads: This two and one half day leadership development program is designed to accelerate the leadership competency of high performing managers. The process includes the use of various assessment instruments that provide feedback on key leadership and team behaviors.

High Performance Teams: Getting results in an competitive economy requires all organizations to leverage the synergy of high performance teams. To sustain high performance, teams need to find balance in the performance of various work functions. Understanding and leveraging team potential through the Team Management Profile™ gives teams the tools they need to get the most out of their combined efforts.

Coaching Leaders for Innovation Success: Client-organizations today are under immense pressure to innovate and develop new products, services, and ways of operating. This requires a specialized mindset with specific skills. You, as an executive coach, must be armed with tools and practices that enhance the impact your client has on the organization.

Leading an Intentional Life: How would you answer the question "Are you leading your life, or is life leading you"? In this workshop, individuals experience the process of reflection and take time to create an individual Quality of Life Diagram which immediately tells you where things are out of balance. These shifts don't usually entail reinventing your life so much as fine tuning things.



 “This was a wonderful course, both in the context of what I learned, and equally in that it was fun, engaging, and completely enjoyable!  I was mainly looking for some Core Competency CCEU’s for ICF re-credentialing purposes, but if I’d known what I was going to receive, I would have taken the course for no credit at all!  Can’t wait for the next one!”

~ Keith Byler, DO, Executive Coach.

“The Coaching for Innovation Class was one of the best investments I have made in my 12 year coaching career!  Beth and Marcia are extremely knowledgeable about the topic, and shared their real world practical experience quite generously. They applied a coaching style to their comprehensive learning curriculum, which enabled learning and insight to occur.  Thank you Beth and Marcia for this rewarding learning experience.”

~ Michele LoBianco, Executive and Career Coach, Consultant, and Group Facilitator.