Insights & Inroads Workshop Course Modules

For organizations to maintain their competitive advantage requires ongoing development of the next generation of leaders. Your high achievers are hungry for more - responsibility, impact, opportunity. Make sure you have prepared them for the next level of leadership challenge by immersing them in this learning experience.

Course 1 - Kickoff Feedback from the TMP assessment; High level discussion of Leadership
Course 2 - Leadership Qualities of an inspirational leader. Feedback from Leadership 360º assessment.
Course 3 - Communication Leaders as communicators; Communications model; Active listening. Using questions to gain alignment.
Course 4 - Emotional Intelligence What it is, why it matters. Feedback from 360º Leadership assessment.
Course 5 - Leaders As Coaches How to coach for performance results. Feedback from 360º Leadership assessment.
Course 6 - Change Management Understanding the people side of change; overcoming resistance; the role of the sponsor.
Course 7 - High Impact Executive Presence Key traits, characteristics and behaviors; what separates the most successful from the rest of the crowd.
Course 8 - Workshop Synthesis Create a go forward plan that integrates what you've learned with the best of what you already do.