Understanding Work Preferences

High performance teams are often a rarity, appreciated for their impact, and recognized for their ability to cooperate, collaborate and produce excellent results.

You can develop high performing teams by intentionally focusing on the key roles necessary to successfully complete group initiatives.

Types of work wheel

TMS Margerison-McCann Types of WorkWheelTM


By understanding individual Work Preferences around four key areas,and mapping that against Types of Work Functions, you have the information you need to ensure excellent team execution.

Work Preferences

Extroversion <----------------> Introversion
Practical <----------------> Creative
  Decision Making  
Analytical <----------------> Beliefs
Structured <----------------> Flexible

Creating the high performance team becomes a lot easier when everyone understands the impact of human dynamics on how they all work together. That insight, combined with an awareness of their individual preferences, ensures all aspects of a project are completed effectively, on time and within budget.