Organizational Consulting

The Paideia Group offers many consulting services for organizations from a few employees to fortune 500 companies.

Facilitation: Skilled facilitators make a significant difference in the outcome of your most critical meetings, retreats and problem solving sessions. Effective facilitation gets the most out of your meetings by ensuring all ideas are heard. We bring hidden issues to the surface, create an environment of respect and transparency, and weave key ideas together coherently.

Manager as Coach: When your managers take on the coaching role, they are doing much more than addressing performance results. The effective coach / manager helps the employee take responsibility for their own performance, has them establish goals, and holds them accountable for achieving performance commitments. An organization vested in developing people to be their best will accelerate their attainment of corporate goals and objectives, as employees lead themselves towards performance excellence.

Change Management: Only organizations able to adapt to change will survive. The change ready organization, one with agility and flexibility, has an advantage over their competitors. However, people often lose their sense of security in the way things are, and feel uncertain about what is yet to come. Those who survive will do so because they have created a change ready organization, one that recognizes the challenges as well as the benefits of successfully managing change.