Marcia Ruben, PhD

Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant, Facilitator

Marcia Ruben, PhDMarcia Ruben is passionately committed to igniting leadership potential and organizational transformation. Her work with clients is grounded in her experience as a senior leader, account executive, and business consultant. Marcia is gifted at quickly identifying and addressing business pain points. Her unique blend of deep structural insights, business leadership experience, and depth of 25 years experience in leadership development, sales, and large-systems change, give her the power to help senior leaders solve previously intractable organizational challenges.

Marcia has brought her insights to a wide spectrum of industries--high technology, biotechnology, financial services, retail, private equity, nonprofits, and professional services firms. Her forthcoming book, Tangles: The Hidden Forces that Strangle Even Great Organizations, describes surprising discoveries about the hidden or ignored issues that can hurt any organization, and eventually cause its demise. Marcia assists leaders in surfacing, understanding, and addressing the human dynamic tangles that thwart productivity and profits.

Marcia excels at guiding leaders who need to develop greater executive presence, political savvy, emotional intelligence, and influence skills. She is skilled at working both with leaders who need to grow within the scope of their current position, or with those who need added support in order to advance to the next level.

Marcia is also exceptionally skilled at working with leadership teams who are stuck and not able to productively raise and resolve their toughest issues. Through her skillful facilitation, leadership teams dramatically increase their ability to drive business results and avoid what she calls Strangling Tangles.

Marcia's recent coaching engagements have included CEO's, EVP's, Executive Directors, General Managers, Vice Presidents, and Senior Directors at organizations ranging from start-ups to Global 50 companies. Marcia is a published thought leader in the change leadership field and speaks regularly at industry conferences.



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