Manager as Coach - Create A Coaching Culture

manager as coachCoaching is a powerful process that has the potential to create an entire organization of people who take ownership of their own performance results. Imagine an entire workforce who feels responsible for creating their own success, taking initiative to ensure they achieve performance goals and who actively pursue their own professional growth.

You can create that environment by teaching your management team, everyone from frontline leaders to the CEO, how to effectively coach their people to higher levels of performance. Managers as Coaches have different types of conversations with employees about their performance.

They engage employees in dialogue about how the employee will achieve their objectives, and allow them to identify improvements when a course correction is needed.

Coaching conversations put the responsibility for performance outcomes squarely where it belongs - on the employee. The coach may challenge their thinking, get them "outside the box", encourage them to consider other solutions, and may even offer suggestions. The coaching process will help people see their own self-limiting behaviors, and help them get beyond them, to their true potential.

Ultimately, the manager as coach helps the employee become their best by helping them think about how to do things differently, encouraging them to stretch, and offering support and assistance as needed.

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