Are You Leading Your Life... Or Is Life Leading You?

leading an intentional lifeHas life been so busy lately (say for the last 15 - 20 years?) that you haven't had time to sit back and assess how well life is working for you? Regardless of your life stage, it's never too early or too late to do a reality check around life as you know it, and life as you want it to be.

In today's busy world, we get bogged down in so many details and activities - meetings, taxiing kids, hitting deadlines, answering emails, attending school events, etc. that many of us wind up coping with life, rather than creating a life.

So called "temporary" situations easily stretch into months and years, as we settle into routines that soon become the norm. We so often get busy living our lives, that we don't always think about how intentionally or not we're leading our lives.

What is the Leading an Intentional Life Workshop About?

Leading An Intentional Life is a process that helps people step back and identify the most important facets of their lives. There are some common areas many people share, such as family and friends, and others unique to each individual - such as particular hobbies and areas of interest. You will create your own Quality of Life Diagram, and assess your level of satisfaction with each facet you have identified. This very useful tool provides an excellent visual reflection of your life in motion. You will quickly see what is working well, and which areas need attention.

From there you will fine tune the areas that seem less than satisfactory. What would you like those areas to look like? What can you do to move things in the right direction? There are no wrong answers - only actions that will bring you closer to the ideal state you would like to be experiencing. This doesn't require reinvention so much as it does commitment. Commitment to do things differently, to perhaps change your own behavior, to start something new or let go of something that no longer works for you.

It's your life. You're creating it every day, with every decision, action, inaction and reaction. Be intentional - make a plan, and look forward to creating the outcomes you've been hoping for.

Take time to realign your life around what you value most. There are no wrong answers when it comes to Leading An Intentional Life - but there can be erroneous assumptions and misplaced paradigms that got you off the path in the fist place.

First, know what creates quality in your life,
Second, create a plan to expand those areas, and
Third, initiate those changes in your time frame and enjoy the Quality of Life you designed.

 Leading an Intentional Life Road

Are you Leading an Intentional Life?