Insights & Inroads - Leadership That Sustains Impact

Many executives credit significant leadership development experiences as being the turning point in their professional growth. The opportunity to gain new insights and self-awareness in an environment bound by confidentiality is rare indeed. It takes a certain amount of courage to open yourself up to this intense, but highly rewarding learning experience.

You will be transformed by unexpected insights and new found self awareness that will accelerate your growth as a professional and as a leader. You will be rewarded with a clear perspective on who you are at your best and a plan that will continue to build new skills and behaviors.

The workshop combines plenary sessions with small group breakout sessions led by executive coaches. The small group sessions are used to debrief the feedback from the leadership 360 assessment instrument as well as the Team Management Performance feedback. Groups of 4 or 5 share their feedback results within the group, and will be challenged to address improvement where needed. The process requires honesty, transparency, curiosity about yourself and others, and a willingness to take in feedback, even when you might disagree. Perception is reality, even when your intentions could be quite different.

Take the time to find out how effectivly you lead, and be prepared to take on the challenge of creating even greater impact - for yourself, your team and your organization.

Expand your competence as you build your confidence.

insights and inroadsOrganizations wanting to maintain their competitive advantage must provide ongoing development of their next generation of leaders. Your high achievers are hungry for more - responsibility, impact, opportunity. Make sure you have prepared them for the next level of leadership challenge by immersing them in this learning experience.

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