Building The High Performance Team

The intensity of competition in today's economy demands that organizations do everything they can to leverage the talent of their employees to create great results - with great efficiency and effectiveness. How well that happens is strongly influenced by how well teams work together to achieve group objectives. High performing teams don't emerge by accident. They happen in organizations that understand team dynamics and the various work functions that must be considered to "get the job done".

The Paideia Group can help your organization optimize team outcomes by training team leaders and members on high performing team success factors. Excellent team outcomes happen when teams are aware of the key work functions involved in group work, as well as the personal style they bring to the work environment. When all team members understand where they offer the most value and can contribute most effectively, team objectives are planned and executed by people with the motivation, desire, interest and skills most suited to their talent.

There are eight key functions that touch all team initiatives:

Maintaining - what is really important?

Advising - what do we need to know?

Innovating - what are the possibilities?

Promoting - who needs to know about this?

Developing - what do we move forward with?

Organizing - what needs to be in place to ensure this happens?

Producing -are we effectively and efficiently delivering what is expected?

high performance teams

Above: Real world, high
performance teams
accomplish their goals by
keeping the communication
channels open, using
effective listening skills,
treating each other with
respect, and keeping their
focus on the project.



Another key area to be aware of is the individual preferences people have to their work. These preferences are identified through Measures of Work Preferences™, which include feedback on four key areas: Relationship, Information, Decision Making and Organization. Understanding and leveraging team potential through the Team Management Profile™ gives teams the tools they need to get the most out of their combined efforts.