The Paideia Group has experienced facilitators who are skilled at creating environments that encourage open and honest dialogue. Facilitated dialogues are an excellent means of opening up communication to uncover issues and guide conversations to effective resolution. Facilitators are also an effective means to lead group discussions where all participant ideas need to be heard, and skill is required to keep the session on track and focused.

Organizational ConsultingConsider a Facilitator for:

  • Off Site Retreats
  • Conflict Resolution Between Different Groups or Individuals
  • Creating a New Vision
  • Monthly Leadership Meetings
  • Strategic Planning Initiatives
  • Task Force Meetings
  • Exploring and Generating New Ideas
  • Internal or External Problem Resolution
  • Meetings Where All Team Members Need to be Active Participants

Advantages of Using a Facilitator

Creating the Ideal Environment - We create and environment where all ideas are welcome to encourage open and honest dialogue. These are the environments where the best solutions to complex situations are usually generated.

Facilitators are often the best means of creating an environment with an atmosphere of collaboration and trust, where issues are aired and discussed respectfully and the various threads of conversation can be effectively woven together.

EVERYONE Can Participate - Allow yourself to participate in the dialogue without having to manage the process - the only way you can be fully engaged in the conversation.