Executive Team Alignment

In today's competitive environment, it is only high performing organizations that will survive into the next decade. Competitive pressures are global, and increasing in magnitude every day, with low cost providers meeting the needs of consumers everywhere.

Keeping ahead of the competition demands a leadership team of mature professionals who understand both the individual and group contributions they must make to achieve success. How well aligned is your executive team? Are they individually excellent, but unprepared or unwilling to cooperate with each other? Do competitive silos prevent or block overall organization excellence?

The Executive Alignment process works with your leadership team to eliminate barriers to organization success. This is accomplished through a combination of both team and individual assessments.
Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do individual team members perceive each other? How would you describe the level of trust within the team?
  • Is there fear and avoidance of conflict and a tendency for "everyone to get along", instead of facing and dealing with difficult issues?
  • What is the team's record on meeting commitments?
  • How are individuals held accountable for following through?
  • What level of success does your team have in delivering results?

The team's perspective on the answers to these questions provide the foundation for overcoming the issues that are getting in the way of effective team leadership, collaboration and mutual support. The team will come to agreement on the most critical issues facing the organization and design a strategy for achieving those results.

In addition, each member of the leadership team will experience an individualized development process, that engages them in the identification of barriers to success, which they work to overcome.

Is Your Team Competing Against Each Other?

Executive Team Alignment

How aligned is your leadership team around your highest priorities? What barriers exist to effective team work? How committed are they to work to achieve corporate goals and objectives - together?

Or Pulling In The Same Direction?

Executive Team Alignment

We will work with your executive team to challenge their current leadership thinking and expand their range of options regarding how they lead and manage their way to success.