Executive Coaching - Our Process

The coaching process begins with an initial session to acquaint the executive and the coach with each other. The foundation of any successful coaching relationship begins with mutual trust, which enables open and honest communication between both parties.

This meeting also allows time for the executive to brief the coach on his or her current situation, along with their professional background and experience. There will also be discussion around current challenges, barriers to success, opportunities for development and goals to be met.

The coach will develop a process to address identified coaching goals and objectives. The final plan will be evaluated by both the coach and the executive, and may include assessments and other development initiatives.

The coach and the executive will come to terms of agreement around frequency of contact, mutual accountability, confidentiality and expectations. The executive is an active partner in the coaching process, and will work with the coach to achieve desired outcomes.

What are you doing to stay on top of your game? Working with an executive coach will keep you ahead of the game. Call today for an exploratory conversation about coaching for yourself, your executive team or a high potential needing to be groomed for the next assignment.