Coaching Skills

Organizations that emphasize coaching as an integral part of their culture find benefits in unexpected places. Not only does overall performance reach new levels of success, employees become more involved in generating ideas about how things can be done better.

An attitude of "Owning the Job" has employees looking at things differently. Not only are they more confident in their own abilities, they realize that the ideas they have can make a difference in the organization's results.

When an organization has imbedded a coaching culture into the environment, supervisors, managers and leaders alike provide support for personal and professional growth that allows people to perform to their potential.


  • Ask GREAT Questions
  • Listen Carefully For Understanding
  • Raise Awareness
  • Create Clarity
  • Create an Ownership Mentality for the Job
  • Challenge Each Other
  • Follow A Process
  • Help People Overcome Their Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Offer Support
  • Understand Context
  • Don't Let People Off The Hook
  • Create Accountability For Follow Through