Coaching Leaders for Innovation Success

 Coaching Leaders for Innovation Success is an online ICF certified course designed to give business coaches skills that help them enable their client’s success in the area of innovation.  Although many organizations want to be innovative, they often don’t see the challenges and barriers that can derail innovation initiatives.  Participants will learn about the impact of corporate culture on innovation, and how to coach executives to develop a culture where innovation can thrive.  

This is especially critical at a time when competition is global and customer loyalties last as long as your product’s relevance.

The benefits? You will be one of a select group of executive coaches who can truly help leaders create cultures of innovation. Your clients will experience results and your practice will thrive.

This course meets virtually (online and teleconference) for five weeks, for 90 minutes per session.  There are assignments given each session, with deadlines for completion.




  • Context for Innovation Success
  • Practical learning and application
  • Sharing of knowledge, experience and insights
  • Homework review / discussion
  • Mini-lecturettes
  • Online discussions
  • Coaching practice
  • Feedback


Course Objectives

  • Develop an understanding of the challenges organizations face when trying to be innovative
  • Examine the role of culture in the success of innovation initiatives
  • Discover how new findings in neuroscience can be applied to coach leaders for innovation success
  • Help executives develop broader, more open mindedness to innovation
  • Connect personality preferences to effective approaches for coaching for innovation
  • Create powerful questions that support the innovation dialogue
  • Become well versed in how to effectively coach for innovation



 “This was a wonderful course, both in the context of what I learned, and equally in that it was fun, engaging, and completely enjoyable!  I was mainly looking for some Core Competency CCEU’s for ICF re-credentialing purposes, but if I’d known what I was going to receive, I would have taken the course for no credit at all!  Can’t wait for the next one!”

~ Keith Byler, DO, Executive Coach.

“The Coaching for Innovation Class was one of the best investments I have made in my 12 year coaching career!  Beth and Marcia are extremely knowledgeable about the topic, and shared their real world practical experience quite generously. They applied a coaching style to their comprehensive learning curriculum, which enabled learning and insight to occur.  Thank you Beth and Marcia for this rewarding learning experience.”

~ Michele LoBianco, Executive and Career Coach, Consultant, and Group Facilitator.

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