Change Management - Understanding The People Side of Change

We are living in a time of great complexity, where organizations are challenged on many fronts. Change is constant, competition is fierce and global, and there is increased pressure to contain costs while still increasing market share.

The role of change management has taken on increased importance as leaders are more and more frequently being charged with creating and executing changes in direction, strategy and organization priorities. Those skilled in change management principles and in engaging others in change management processes will be much more successful in introducing and sustaining organization change initiatives.

Two Day Workshop

A two day workshop, designed for those actually leading change initiatives, provides focus on key change management skills. Topics covered include:

  • Underlying drivers of behavior and resistance
  • The role of communication in change management
    • Overcoming resistance
    • Understanding people in transition
    • Dealing with fear
  • Coaching Conversations that build support and alignment
  • The critical role of the Sponsor
    • Helping the sponsor understand the scope of their role
  • Building a network of critical collaborators
    • Who do you need to know?
    • Who needs to know you?
  • Importance of self-managing through the process

The two day workshop is designed in a highly interactive experiential learning style. Participants come prepared to discuss a current change initiative in which they are or will be involved, and will use their current situation to assess what is going well, and what changes need to be made in order to assure success.

One Day Workshop

A one day workshop for leaders offers an overview of the people side of change management. Upon leaving the workshop leaders will have a high level understanding of what their managers will be doing to successfully implement change, and their role in helping them achieve success. This is an interactive session and will draw on the experience of the participants to demonstrate key points.

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