Beth Symes

Founder - Executive Coach, Organization Development Consultant, Facilitator

Beth Symes - Paideia Group FounderBeth Symes founded THE PAIDEIA GROUP to help individuals and organizations perform to their potential. Twenty years of corporate experience, coupled with ten years of consulting, allowed her to develop expertise in developing the potential in others. Many people perform below their potential due to lack of awareness, personal blind spots and bad habits. Leadership teams are often at odds due to lack of understanding each other's point of view or business needs. Beth works with individuals to raise their self awareness, challenges them to expand their strengths and skill sets, and help them focus on creating greater impact. When working with leadership teams, she helps them align around common goals and objectives, breaks down barriers to working together, and keeps them focused on meeting corporate objectives.

As an executive coach, working across a variety of industries, Beth guides individuals through a challenging process of personal growth that leads to increased effectiveness in the organization. Executives come to grips with not only their self-imposed limitations, but also step up to the difficult challenge of honest self evaluation. With awareness comes the recognition of their own potential, and the willingness and courage to make the changes necessary to achieve greater success. Executives who take the time to understand the kind of leader they want to become, the kind of leader they can become, are motivated to make the subtle and sometimes significant changes needed to do so. Their reward comes in the form of personal satisfaction in seeing the change come to life, and recognizing the positive impact they have on their people and on business results.

Beth is the lead facilitator in North America for the London Business School, and supports their work in the area of executive leadership development. Other clients include Nestle Purina, Hoffmann-la Roche, Jenny Craig, Chartlogic, Conley and Associates, The Midwest Dairy Council, and others.

Beth earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers College, and a Master's degree from Washington University in St. Louis. She is a graduate of the Fielding Graduate University Evidence Based Coaching program, where she also earned a second Master's degree in Organization and Management Development. Beth is a member of International Coach Federation and certified at the PCC level.



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