About Us

The Paideia Group was founded to support organizations and individuals in maximizing their performance results. There are many factors that keep corporations from achieving their desired outcomes: underdeveloped leaders, communication challenges, silos, internal competition rather than cooperation. The list goes on and on.

These missteps come from people who mean well, but don't realize how their actions impede their progress. Most people intend to do a great job, but often need professional development to actually deliver at that level. A self aware executive with a broad understanding of how to lead and manage others, has the potential to create outstanding results.

The Paideia Group offers executives the opportunity to overcome self imposed barriers and blind spots that get in the way of excellence. Successful people don't get there on their own. They are the fortunate recipients of good leadership, interested mentors, challenging bosses, and developmental opportunities designed to help them perform at their best. Imagine everyone in your organization performing at their best....the possibilities for success become endless!

The Paideia Group was founded by Beth Symes after 20 years experience in sales, marketing, product management and leadership development and training. She has consulted extensively in the OD arena across a variety of industries, and is certified as a Professional Certified Coach through the International Coach Federation.

Through her work domestically and internationally, she has gathered a select group of highly skilled and experienced coaches and consultants to be part of her team. Please take a look at the bios for the group, and get in touch with us for a consultative conversation about the challenges you want to address in your organization. We will help you achieve your goals.