Fast Is Good...

Fast is good. But even speed needs constraints to ensure you don’t go off the rails in the process.

Organization focus these days is on speed: speed to market, speed to innovation, agility in thinking etc. etc. The capacity and capability to move fast with new ideas and to execute effectively are important skill sets. But there is such a thing as moving too fast

  • Too fast to vet your ideas and find the best ones
  • Too fast to assess the longer term implications and impacts on other parts of the business
  • Too fast to know if this action will take you where you want to go
  • Too fast to know if you have thoroughly assessed both risk and reward. Organizations can move so quickly these days that they forget that fast is the means to the end and not the end itself.

Four Steps to Keep You on the Rails

  1. Identify the key junctures in your process that require some think time:
    • After idea generation and before decision making
    • What criteria for idea vetting will be used?
  2. Run potential “go” decisions against short AND long term impacts and consequences
    • What areas of the organization will this decision impact?
    • Who should you discuss this with to gather insight and guidance?
  3. Identify watch outs
    • What events might have an impact on your “go” “no go” decision
  4. What is the risk and potential reward in taking this decision?

These steps are not especially complicated or time consuming - however they are often overlooked in the rush to action in organization’s tendency to think Bigger! Better! Faster. So go Big (but know why), be Better (but know how) and go Faster (but with your eyes wide open.